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Hosanna Revival


Hosanna Revival

Ally Carmichael


Todays post is a little different than most. I’m going to be sharing something that I recently got that I love and thought you all might love it as well. This isn’t some weird advertisement or anything, I just wanted to share more of the things that I’ve been loving lately so I am starting with this! 


For my birthday Luke got me a bible from Hosanna Revival. They are these beautiful hand painted bibles. Side note: Luke calls them Hosanna Rebibles and I find it hilarious. The founder Katie started painting bibles in 2015 and now has dozens of designs and even paints custom orders as well. Here is a photo from her page of some of the designs she offers: 




I have had my eye on them for quite some time not only because of how gorgeous they are but I read her why statement. Every time I find a new product or company I look into why they do what they do. To me the reason why is more important than the product they are offering. I’m 100% more likely to buy something if I can resonate with the heart behind the company. Anyways, I read her about section on their website and one sentence really caught my attention, “We are convinced that a beautiful Bible can lead even the darkest heart to crack it open and consider the words inside of it.” 


I mean it makes sense doesn’t it? What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new shirt? You put it on and wear it because you love it. When you buy a new coffee mug you don’t just sit it on a shelf and never use it, you go home and make coffee just so you can use it! It should work the same with a new and pretty Bible. I personally was struggling with only reading my Bible on my phone app. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that but for me it was hard to focus when in one click I could be back on Instagram. I felt myself getting distracted more often and at the end not being able to recall what I had just read. It may sound crazy but having a Bible that I love has given me the motivation to read from it and study it and just spend time in it. 


Basically I love this thing. To close out I will share some details about it with you all.

 I got the Zion Bible. Luke picked it out and it’s perfect for me. it’s a beautiful purple color and has hand painted stars, trees and water on it. If you know me I love nature and feel closest to God when I am outside exploring his creations. The Bible’s are all ESV and have beautiful scripting on the side of them that reads “The Holy Bible”. The pages are great and have space on the sides to take notes or if you are in to bible journaling they are perfect. 


Again this is not an AD, just a product I love and wanted to spread the word. I love finding new companies so when I stumble across one that’s new to me I’ll be sharing more with you. 

If you want to check these out for yourself head tho  

They also have notebooks, prints, stickers and more if you want to check that out as well!  

Thanks for reading,