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Charleston, SC


Charleston, SC

Ally Carmichael

I just got back from visiting my cousin in South Carolina. She lives just outside of Charleston and this was my first time in that area. I grew up visiting Myrtle Beach every summer just about with my whole family and it was always a good time. I was excited to be visiting somewhere new this time and I must say Charleston topped Myrtle in my opinion. I love traveling and being in new areas so I thought I would recap my trip for you all in case you plan to visit someday. Lucky for me I had a local with me to show me some good spots ;) 

I will start with beaches, everyday we went to a new beach. Let me start by saying to me a beach is a beach, they all have the same sand and ocean to me. If you are picky about those things you may not want to take my opinion into consideration. My personal favorite beach was the one we visited the last day.

1. Folly Beach - I liked the town around the beach the most. There are tons of little beach shops and restaurants lining the streets. We went to the beach first and then walked around a little afterwards. The beach itself was great, not too crowded so we had plenty of room to ourselves. As far as we could see there was no place to rent chairs or umbrellas or anything but that was okay with us. We spent a pretty long time there and then like I said we walked around. We ended up grabbing smoothies from Black Magic Cafe and they were amazing. 


2. Isle of Palms- We went to this beach the second day. This beach was most like the beaches I was used to growing up. It was probably the most crowded of the three but not over packed. We called and rented chairs and an umbrella and they brought it out and set it up for us. The only thing hindering my view of this beach was how windy it was the day we went.

3. Sullivan’s Island- This beach was the one we went to the first day. Definitely the least crowded of them all. It’s only at the bottom of my list because I really liked the other two. There’s not a ton to do around the beach but there are a lot of public access points to get in. 

Like I said beaches are beaches to me, I’m drawn to them based on the areas that surround them and just the atmosphere itself. Those are the three we went to in order of my favorite to my least favorite. It was super fun to get to try out a new one every day. 

Let’s move on to food because we ate a lot of good food. 

First night we ate at Local’s. They had all sorts of stuff like tacos, sushi, salads, etc. I got a Hibachi Taco and it was delicious. It was a taco filled with veggie fried rice, yum yum sauce, seasame seeds and I got shrimp. We also shared the trio dip appetizer and it was also really good. I highly recommend. 


Second night we ate at Lewis Barbecue. This place was amazing but I only recommend going if you are starving because it is a lot of food. Everything was sold separately so you could order your meat and then as many sides as you want. Meat you could get either 1/4 pound or 1/2 pound of pulled pork, brisket, turkey or spicy sausage. We tried a variety of sides like Mac and cheese, jalapeño corn bread, collard greens, coleslaw, and too many more for me to remember. Plus this place had amazing sweet tea, overall its worth a stop. 


We ate too much and then went to downtown Charleston. We decided to rent bikes at Holy Spokes and spent an hour riding around looking at all the amazing houses. Here’s a few shots from our ride.

After we successfully biked off our barbecue we stopped at Peace Pies and got these delicious things.


Basically they are ice cream sandwiches with sugar cookie outsides. I thought my birthday cake flavored one was fabulous ✌🏼.

The next morning we went to Page’s for breakfast. This place was super cute, we went early before it got crazy crowded. We went for breakfast but they are also open for lunch and dinner. Although I didn’t eat them I hear their crab cakes are amazing and so is just about anything there. Like I said it’s great when you vacation with someone who is living there so you aren’t taking any chances on food. 

Last place we went was the last evening for dinner we ate at Hanks. It’s a higher end seafood restaurant and worth every penny. Most fancier restaurants I’ve been to you pay more and get less food but that was not the case here. I got the fried shrimp platter and I’ll just show you. 


I’d highly highly recommend but also make a reservation and get sweet tea because it’s really good.  

Well that’s all the food places and beaches we visited in the four days I was there. Definitely one of my favorite places I’ve visited. To wrap this up if you are a runner and like to run new places on vacation they have a really cool bridge with a running path on the side of it. It’s probably 6 miles if you do the whole thing, we ran almost 4 miles. It’s the bridge from Mount Pleasant to Charleston I believe. Here’s a look. 



Hope you enjoyed my first travel blog. Stay tuned for more