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Cozy Sweatshirt Roundup!

Ally Carmichael


Today I am doing a fun little blog on some of my favorite crew neck sweatshirts. Some of them I own and some of them I really want to own. My husband and I basically live in comfy sweatshirts in the fall and winter. I’ll start with the ones we own/love and then I’ll share some that are on my wish list.

1. W I L D H O N E Y

My all time favorite sweatshirt is my Wild Honey Sweatshirt from Indy Brand Clothing. It’s not only soft and comfy but it’s yellow!!! Like, who wouldn’t love that. Here’s a picture and link for reference. I actually got a large in this because I hate my clothes being too short. I washed it once and shrank it a bit and now it’s perfect. It’s a bit pricy but I think it’s worth it.

Okay, I’m going to pick Luke’s for him based on what he wears the most.

2. O R I G I N A L U S E

Target has a new brand called Original Use. It’s basically a minimalist’s dream. Everything is pretty much plain colored and nice quality. Luke’s been living in his sweatshirt from them. I steal it some times as well ;). I’m not going to attach a picture of this one because it’s just a plain black crew neck. I will attach the link though. Decently priced but their clothes do run big. Luke sizes down a size for them to fit him.

3. A U T U M N

If you are on Instagram (I mean it is 2018, if you aren’t, what are you doing?) stop what you are doing right now and go follow Ozetta. She’s inspiring for fellow yarn makers but also her feed is on a whole new level of cozy. She came out with sweatshirts a few years back and just last year I snatched one. She was selling some at a discounted price because they were “imperfect” trust me I can’t tell. This sweatshirt is like your typical sweatshirt fit and thickness. It comes in a great burgundy color and it just says Autumn across the front. Here’s the link and picture! Side note: She also has a Winter one and a Cozy one and I may be snagging those as well.


4. H O M A G E

If you live in Ohio you’ve probably heard of Homage, unless you’ve been living under a rock. They sell a line of some of the softest shirts and sweatshirts you will ever get your hands on. Luke really likes the quality of their sweatshirts. They are most definitely the most expensive sweatshirt on this blog but they are super nice. They have a lot of state specific pieces but they also have a line of plain sweatshirts. Luke has their “Ohio” one that I will link below. The only downside to them is we have found that they shrink easily so go up a size or two and be extra careful when washing.


Okay, that’s all for the ones that we own and love. Now I’ll show you 4 that I have my eyes on.

1. L A S T N I G H T W A S U P S I D E D O W N

If you are a fan of Stranger Things, this ones for you. This is another one from Indy Brand Clothing and when I saw it I fell in love. Last year they only had this in t-shirt version but they just recently released it in a sweatshirt. I am not usually one for t.v. show themed clothing but this one does it in a not so obvious way. It’s also black so I mean, yeah.


2. T H A N K F U L

I’ve been following this chick on instagram for a while and I think she is the cutest. She has a product shop and also business advice and a mom podcast for any moms out there. I also find myself wanting one of everything she puts out. She released a “Thankful” sweatshirt and I love the color of it. The wording is nice and not so in your face. Check it out!

3. W H A T D O E S T H E F O X S A Y

If you know me at all you know why this ones on here. Im slightly obsessed with foxes and this sweatshirt is so dang cute, I need it. I’ve bought a dress from this shop before years ago and it’s still in mint condition. I can only imagine their sweatshirt being the same way.


4. E V E R L A N E

Since dipping my toes in the slow fashion world I have been dying to try anything from Everlane. Their stuff is simple, ethically made and sustainable. They have some plain sweatshirts that I would love to get my hands on this winter. Here’s the one I have my eyes on.


That’s all guys! You may have noticed there really isn’t like a $20 sweatshirt on my list. I go for quality not quantity when it comes to my wardrobe. Hope this inspires you to get out there and get cozy. Comment some of your favorite sweatshirts if you own any.