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2018| Plans & Hopes

Ally Carmichael


Hey everyone and Happy New Year. One of my goals for 2018 is to blog more often. That’s always been my plan but as most of you know I have a side hustle along with my full time job. I run a crochet and knit business (if it qualifies as a business). Anyways I was very unprepared for the busy season this year. I’ve had this side thing for almost 3 years on and off. At the beginning of 2017 I decided I wanted to pursue it full force. I dedicated a ton of time in growing my social media page, updating my Etsy shop, doing shows and a whole heck of a lot more. I was much more busy than I ever expected this year which has been such a blessing and also a huge lesson to START EARLIER this year. Instead of taking a break for a few months I’m just going to keep pushing. With all of that and my job picking up and the craziness the holidays bring in itself I was left with no time to blog or really do much that I actually find joy in.  

So if you were to ask me if I’m ready for the new year I would say HECK YES. I feel like I’ve been buried for months and I’m finally coming for a breath of fresh air. I am physically tired, I have stayed up passed 2 A.M. more times in the last 3 months than I probably have in my whole life. I was up late finishing crochet orders, wrapping gifts and just trying to get anything done.

More importantly though I feel spiritually and emotionally drained. The hard truth is I have spent little time with Christ in the passed few months. I would like to pretend that doesn’t effect me but I have noticed quite a change in my attitude. My attitude about life and towards others just hasn’t been where it should be and how could I expect it to when I have barely cracked open my Bible or spent intimate time speaking with the Lord?! 

A lot of times when I feel like something is taking my attention or focus away from God I immediately want to get rid of it. Even if it’s something that could be so good I just take it as a bad thing and throw it away. I’ve actually done this with this exact business before. A few years ago it became too much and I shut it down but the passion for it never went away. So instead of tossing it in the trash I’m realizing that maybe the problem isn’t the things taking my attention, maybe it’s the person giving all her attention to one thing, maybe it’s me. 

This year if I had to say what I think 2018 will be about I would say balance. I’ve never been good at balancing anything. Literally, during workouts when you have to stand on one foot I’ve always been the one to fall over before the time was up. The business of the season finally caught up to me and hit me like a bus. I started to realize what a poor job I was doing at balancing all the things in my life. I do think maybe I have too much going on but I do truly believe that The Ville Crochet is not done yet. 

Ive learned that when things are out of control and you feel like it’s all crashing down, that’s when God is desperately needing you to turn around and see that he is there and he’s never left. Even in my wandering when I have felt far away I know that he’s right there. He’s eagerly waiting for me to take my focus and attention off of what I’m doing and look at Him. When something is taking my focus away and I take matters into my own hands maybe it’s not time to shut it down but time to learn the value of self discipline and priorities.

So this year will be about balance. Keeping good things in my life but not letting them take over. Keeping my eyes focused on Christ and allowing his ways to guide the year. That’s the plan but ultimately whatever God’s plans are I want those so much more. 

One HOPE I have for the new year is to dive head first into the movement of abolishing slavery. I’ve been dipping my toes in the water but I’m ready to take the dive this year and allow my actions to speak louder than my words. I’ve talked about my passion for it and the calling to it God laid on me many years ago and I feel like it’s now or never. A portion of my business goes to She Has a Name and I was really excited for that step but I am so ready for more. 

I have plans and hopes for the new year and I’m so excited to see how they turn out. I have always thought of this blog as more of a conversation so please comment or message me and let’s talk YOUR plans and hopes. I’d love to hear them 🖤